Lawyer of the Year – Family Law

Lawyer of the Year – Family Law

Lawyer of the Year – Family Law

For the family lawyer who has provided outstanding service during 202122. Attention will be paid to reported cases, innovations, quality of service and client feedback. 


Catherine Bedford – Harbottle & Lewis

For around two years Catherine Bedford represented Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in his case against Princess Haya bint Hussein — highly complex proceedings which engulfed much of her personal life and defied any semblance of a normal routine at work, as she coordinated activities on behalf of an individual with a demanding schedule – all during the height of the pandemic and its after-effects.

Bedford joined Harbottle & Lewis in 2017, bringing much of her loyal team from Lee & Thompson with her, and she has since successfully added to that unit with professionals who are stars in their own right.

She continues to go the extra mile to ensure a collegiate culture is baked into the firm and has been a key player in the Harbottle initiative continuing to offer healthy and nutritious hot meals to all staff every working day.

Fiona Shackleton

Payne Hicks Beach

Debbie Chism