Lawyer of the Year – Family Law

Lawyer of the Year – Family Law

Lawyer of the Year – Family Law

For the family lawyer who has provided outstanding service. Attention will be paid to reported cases, innovations, quality of service and client feedback. 


David Allison

Family Law In Partnership

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A director at Family Law in Partnership, David Allison was commended by our judges for his work on the landmark case Xanthopoulous v Rakshina, on behalf of entrepreneur Alla Rakshina. The case was voted the most interesting case of the past 12 months by 73 per cent of attendants at recent conference of family lawyers. This view was shared by the Spear’s judging panel, with one member saying of Allison: ‘He was a consummate professional in what has seemed to be visceral litigation.’

Allison is also known for his mediation work and settling of cases outside of court. Our judges also noted his expertise in matters relating to same-sex relationships.

Catherine Bedford – Harbottle & Lewis

For around two years Catherine Bedford represented Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in his case against Princess Haya bint Hussein — highly complex proceedings which engulfed much of her personal life and defied any semblance of a normal routine at work, as she coordinated activities on behalf of an individual with a demanding schedule – all during the height of the pandemic and its after-effects.

Bedford joined Harbottle & Lewis in 2017, bringing much of her loyal team from Lee & Thompson with her, and she has since successfully added to that unit with professionals who are stars in their own right.

She continues to go the extra mile to ensure a collegiate culture is baked into the firm and has been a key player in the Harbottle initiative continuing to offer healthy and nutritious hot meals to all staff every working day.

Fiona Shackleton

Payne Hicks Beach

Debbie Chism