HNW Wealth Manager of the Year

HNW Wealth Manager of the Year

HNW Wealth Manager of the Year

For an individual who has demonstrated outstanding to HNWs in the UK in 202122, specialising in managing investable assets between £500,000 and £15 million. Attention will be paid to factors including changes in client-facing head count, changes in assets under management, market performance, broader services and innovation, as well as client feedback.

Luka Gakic – Ruffer

HSBC Global Private Bank

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‘He’s an incredible man,’ said an industry peer when Ruffer’s Luka Gakic first reached the Spear’s rankings. Arriving in London as a six-year-old fleeing civil war in Sarajevo in 1992 with his mother, Gakic was put forward for a scholarship at Harrow, before later studying PPE at Oxford.

He joined Ruffer in 2011 and is now its head of UK wealth. Our judges noted he had ‘spent a vast amount of time winning trust and gaining the confidence of clients’, while the firm ‘had a storming year’.

Mary Haly


Josh Matthews

MASECO Private Wealth