UHNW Wealth Manager of the Year

UHNW Wealth Manager of the Year

UHNW Wealth Manager of the Year

For an individual who has demonstrated outstanding returns and services to UHNWs in the UK in 202122, specialising in managing investable assets in excess of £15 million. Attention will be paid to factors including changes in client-facing head count, changes in assets under management, market performance, broader services and innovation, as well as client feedback. 

Charlie Hoffman – HSBC Global Private Bank

Charlie Hoffman, managing director of HSBC UK’s global private banking arm believes it is HSBC’s differentiated approach towards clients and its own workforce that helped him to win the Spear’s Award.

‘I’m a great believer that at HSBC everyone wants you to win, and that comes out in how we look after client relationships,’ he says. ‘This culture of deep collaboration really reverberates through every relationship we have, both in the UK and globally.’

The Spear’s judges noted that Hoffman’s client book – which, in terms of assets under management, exceeds the books of some entire private banks – has become a matter of industry lore.

Nicholas Hornby

Cerno Capital

Kate Leppard

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