School of the Year

School of the Year

For an independent school that has demonstrated excellence and innovation in the last 12 months. Attention will be paid to factors including academics, pastoral care, facilities and the implementation of technology.

This award was new for 2022. 


Sevenoaks School

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At the beginning of every school term, Sevenoaks headmaster Jesse Elzinga gives his students a simple message: ‘Carpe diem, seize the day.’ And, by and large, they do.

‘We have wonderful students who bring their own sense of purpose and restlessness,’ he enthuses. ‘There are so many wonderful opportunities at Sevenoaks, and the students come in and make the most of those every day.’

Sevenoaks is the top co-ed all-IB boarding school in the UK and among the top five ‘large-cohort’ IB schools in the world. ‘At Sevenoaks it’s cool to be clever,’ says Elzinga. ‘It’s an inspiring environment to have the children and the staff committed in that way.’